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Niacin For Depression… Say WHAT?

One day not long ago I was feeling pretty down.  It was the type of day where I just wanted to stay in bed and watch Netflix… so I did.  I grabbed a bag of chips and settled in to bed.  I can almost picture what I looked like.. wrinkled PJs, disheveled hair, the look of desperation.  It was not a proud moment.

I scanned Netflix for something interesting to watch and I ended up settling on a documentary called “Food Matters“.  It blew me away!  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about this before!?  Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

The Clip That Changed My Life

Researchers agree that many cases of depression are caused by an ongoing neuroinflamation and Niacin acts as an anti-inflammatory (much like first-line anti-depressants) which improves brain function and allows for maximum benefit from any other treatments you are receiving (including medication and therapy).

As it turns out, people with depression are frequently Niacin deficient.  This deficiency can cause restlessness, anxiety, mood swings and insomnia… Hmmm… Interesting.

Is This Stuff For Real?

Well, little research has been done on the benefits of Niacin for depression but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  It just means we need to study it more.

So I decided to get my information from people who’ve actually tried it.. and guess what?  After spending hours searching the internet I came across TONS of blogs, testimonials and more about how Niacin has helped people with depression improve their mood and quality of life as a result.

Make Sure You Have the Right One

I recommend Slo Niacin.

There are TWO types of Niacin.
1. Nicotinamide – which is flush-free
2. Nicotinic Acid – the flushing Niacin  <—you need this one!





In the Food Matters interview, the woman took up to 11,000mg of Niacin a day but people have reported results with as little as 100mg per day.

To be on the safe side start with out with 100mg and go from there.

Disclaimer: Niacin, as with any other vitamin or medication does have side-effects, please consult a doctor if you are taking other medications or are unsure.

My Personal Experience….(to be continued)

Alright Netflix, you’ve piqued my interest.  I’ll accept the challenge!

One month.  Niacin (flush).  Twice daily…
Aaaaaand GO.

I bought my bottle of Slo-Niacin Controlled Release Niacin 500 mg – 150 Tablets at my local drugstore today and am ready to start my one month journey.

Update Blogs:
Niacin for Depression: Week 1 Progress



Depression has been a fact of life for me for nearly 20 years now and I'm happy to say that I've finally started figuring out how to live with my demons. Today I have 3 kids, am in a stable relationship and have a (somewhat) normal relationship with my family. That's quite a feat considering some of the lows I've had and the things I've done when I was there. When I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly about depression and BPD, but as time went on I realized that I wanted it to be more than that. There are a lot of things that make me happy. And whatever makes me happy, in the end, contributes to a healthy life and mind. I don't have a grand plan. I just want to share my experiences in hopes that it inspires others to take control of their happiness. You are not alone! -XO Michelle

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