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Minimalist Lifestyle: How Tidying Up Will Change Your Life

Love people, use things. The opposite never works.
-Joshua Fields Millburn

I was (yet again) on the couch in my PJs scouring Netflix for a good documentary to watch when I came across one called “Minimalism“.  It’s about two friends (Ryan and Joshua) who walked away from SIX figure salaries to live a simpler life.

(You have got to be kidding me. Right?)

They were living what you and I would consider ‘The American Dream’.  But working ridiculous hours, wastefully spending money and living paycheck to paycheck left them feeling very empty.  Neither had time to pursue their passions.

Just like my previous post (Get Organized, Beat Stress), their message seems to be that in today’s society less is more and keeping a house full of ‘things’ (AKA clutter) will not do much to add to your happiness.

enjoy-every-momentAs mentioned in their book, Ryan and Joshua are not advocating that you sell your car and your house and live out of a cardboard box on the side of the road.  They aren’t even suggesting you get rid of any and every excess.  They’re simply posing the question: Does it bring you JOY?  If so, by all means, keep it!  If not, donate it.

I truly believe that in today’s society we value things more than we value life’s experiences or our family and friends.

I know some of you might be rolling your eyes while simultaneously thinking.. ‘Sure, if I had that much money I promise you I’d be happy’.  Which is why this quote from Jim Carrey (mentioned in the documentary) really makes you think: “I wish everyone could be rich and famous so they could see it’s not the answer.”

No one is immune to unhappiness, but if you’re not ready to ditch your current lifestyle to try Minimalism, I suggest starting with the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It’ll inspire you to de-clutter parts of your home without making you feel guilty for owning so darn many random things… Baby steps, right?



Depression has been a fact of life for me for nearly 20 years now and I'm happy to say that I've finally started figuring out how to live with my demons. Today I have 3 kids, am in a stable relationship and have a (somewhat) normal relationship with my family. That's quite a feat considering some of the lows I've had and the things I've done when I was there. When I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly about depression and BPD, but as time went on I realized that I wanted it to be more than that. There are a lot of things that make me happy. And whatever makes me happy, in the end, contributes to a healthy life and mind. I don't have a grand plan. I just want to share my experiences in hopes that it inspires others to take control of their happiness. You are not alone! -XO Michelle

5 thoughts on “Minimalist Lifestyle: How Tidying Up Will Change Your Life

  1. Good post! 🙂 Reminded me of my project and motivated me even further to clean this house regularly, keep it in order and give away all I do not need to someone who does rather than just throwing away.


    1. Thanks so much for checking me out. I’ve looked at your blog and I have to say.. your home is beautiful. I love the décor.
      I especially loved your post on turning 40 as that is not far off for me and I’m struggling a little bit with the coming milestone. Great perspective!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s exactly where I started- with that book. At first I thought the idea of only keeping things that brought me joy sounded crazy….and then I realized that it makes a whole lot of sense. I was amazed how freeing it was to get rid of a lot of stuff!


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